I’m a Professor of Psychology at University of Helsinki (UH), retired from UH three years ago, but have continued my work both at UH and Aalto University and continue collaboration with my Stanford colleagues.  I have since lived in the world of basic research, technology applications and start-ups, in parallel, covering a great variety of fields and disciplines. It has provided a lot of inspiration some of which is reflected here in my blog texts.

Recently I have published my book “Perceptions of a Camino” which is now available through Kindle and amazon:



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  • Virgil Beasley says:

    Gote: Referred by Jerry White to your article Pisa Seniors…great piece. Would you connect me with your friend Marko Parkkinen?
    Here is a aquote from “A Healthier Elder Population in Sweden” http://www.fhi.se/PageFiles/3172/healthierelderly0403(1).pdf
    “According to a TEMO survey carried out on 857 people
    between the ages of 54 and 75, 31 per cent said they would have preferred to retire later than they actually did (Dagens Nyheter Debate 9 July 2003). Their reasons were both social (they missed the feeling of togetherness and usefulness that working life brought them) and financial, i.e. their pensions were too low.”
    Society, and businesses (don’t wait for our governments) must take a proactive approach to altering the myths of aging and embrace seniors as significant wisdom contributors by opening doors for them to be more active enagers.

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