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The Internet of Behaviours (IoB) is a concept according to which behaviour data can be systematically shared in the Internet and made amenable for beneficial purposes. In 2019 and 2020 Gartner listed it as a major digital trend. With the human approach I hope to invite professionals from various fields, from engineering, design, businesses and public services to consider its value and innovate further. Some relevant technologies and architectures for the IoB are considered. Available at Amazon.

A story of an idealist young physicist facing the dark side of the academia. A journey begins, to quote the phrase from Don Henley, The Eagles on their famous song Hotel California: “A Journey from innocence to experience.” I call the genre of this story as fiction science where real historical figures and fictional characteristics meet. 432 p. Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers Ltd, Cambridge, UK.

A fresh look at human technology, and its problems and potential. The essay is based on my work with ambitions technologists in various fields from imaging and magazines to networking and collaborative AI in industrial settings. Some innovations are suggested on the way. 391 p. Available at Amazon.

Three parallel pilgrims – the physical, the spiritual, and the immobile meet in this autobiographical story. The academic mindset finds its place in spiritual and real-life atmosphere of Galicia. I like to consider this story as a relative to Robert M. Pirsig’s famous book “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” although this is not about motorcycles, and it’s not about walking either. 226 p, Available at Amazon. Reader’s favorite: 5 stars.

The Finnish man – his values, roles and emotions and how all these are built and integrated together. Understanding the roles makes it possible to understand the man when his behavior appears mysterious and even impossible to grasp. Our look is soft, gentle and even humorous. In Finnish. 283p, Limor.

KIRKAS BRANDI (Bright brand, by Satu Lindroos, Göte Nyman, Katja Lindroos). How Finnish brands can differentiate, add value to the products and services and how the brands can help justify their prices. Due to the rich experience background of the authors, the book got a sensitive human, design, and commercial look at the way brands can interact with us and become part of our everyday life. 238p. Wsoy.

MUUTOSHALLINTA JA BUSINESS RE-ENGINEERING KÄYTÄNNÖSSÄ (Change management and business re-engineering in practice , Göte Nyman, Markku Silen, 1995). The focus of the book is on the human-centric CM in various CM contexts, from implementing of ict to process re-engineering and other major scale changes. Our holistic CM and human insights have still value. In Finnish.

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